Industrial Demonstrators

The glass industry is challenged with reaching decarbonisation in the next 30 years. However, glass furnaces are currently mostly heated using fossil fuels. The use of H2 based technology in glass manufacturing therefore offers an innovative way of addressing the challenge ahead.

The glass industry is highly diverse in products and usage which results in different requirements regarding energy consumption, product quality, and various process options. H2GLASS covers a majority of these different types of products (food and beverages, flat glass, fibre glass), processes, and melting systems. It will distinguish the critical parameters common to all processes from those specific to each production and identify the conditions for the replicability of the developed solutions.

To test the H2GLASS technologies and design solutions, they will be implemented on-site in five Industrial Demonstrators from the glass industry, which represent 98% of the current glass production in the EU. In addition, an Industrial demonstrator for the aluminium industry will test the transferability of the H2GLASS technology stack to other energy-intensive EU industries.

H (2)2

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