Owens Corning


Located in Laudun l’Ardoise, France, Owens Corning specialises in the production of continuous filament fiberglass. This fiberglass is used for reinforcing plastic materials, plaster ceilings, waterproof roofing materials, carpets, and linoleum, serving the construction and automotive sectors. As part of Owens Corning Group, Owens Corning has 280 employees and contributes to a global workforce of 19,000 people. They annually produce approximately 84,000 tonnes of fiberglass.

Owens Corning’s objectives in H2GLASS encompass the following:

  • Achieve a 33% increase in the inclusion of H2 in the energy mix in oxyfuel furnace

  • Reduce 50% GHG emissions from the furnace

  • Optimise H2 combustion in oxyfuel furnaces, efficiency and product quality through H2 gas control experiments

  • Ensure safe management of H2 combustion in glass furnaces and minimising safety risks for employees