Zignano Vetro


Zignago Vetro is a leading company in the glass packaging market specialising in the cosmetics, perfumery, food and beverage sectors. With its headquarters located in Fossalta di Portogruaro, Italy, and approximately 1600 employees, the company also operates production facilities in France and Poland. Zignago produces approximately 520,000 containers of glass annually.

The objectives of Zignago Vetro in H2GLASS are:

  • Replace 10% of natural gas with H2 into the energy mix

  • Enhance the management and control of H2 combustion to ensure efficient and safe operation

  • Manage H2 combustion in standard furnaces by understanding the thermodynamic effects of H2 combustion within the furnace.

  • Increase expertise in integrating H2 technology into existing equipment

  • Verify the impact of the new system installation to ensure it meets performance expectations and aligns with the project sustainability goals