Steklarna Hrastnik


Steklarna Hrastnik is a family-owned glass company based in Hrastnik, Slovenia, employing approximately 600 employees. The company’s primary focus is on the development and manufacturing of world-class engineered glass products, primarily dedicated to the spirit, perfumery and cosmetic market. Steklarna Hrastnik operates six different furnaces producing 80,00 tonnes of glass annually.

The objectives to be achieved within the H2GLASS project at Steklarna Hrastnik are:

  • Test the operation of two of its furnaces (oxyfuel and hybrid EP regenerative) with 100% H2 as fuel, aiming to reach 90% of the total energy used in the furnace

  • Maintaining high glass quality while reducing the use of natural gas to lower carbon dioxide emissions

  • Determine the effect of hydrogen combustion on the glass melting process and furnace 

  • Enhance the integration of IT systems by creating a Computational Fluid Dynamics model of the glass furnace for techno-economic optimisation