Hydro Havrand


Hydro Havrand is a leading aluminium and energy company focused on transforming natural resources into innovative products and solutions with the aim of fostering a sustainable society. The Norwegian company has a large workforce of 32,000 employees, operating across more than 140 locations and maintaining a global presence in approximately 40 countries.

Hydro Havrand plays a key role, with a primary objective of verifying the transferability of H2GLASS solutions to the Aluminium Industry through the following sub-objectives:

  • Qualify a burner assembly of 3-5 MW to safely melt aluminium

  • Demonstrate large-scale melting of aluminium for at least 30 days continuously

  • Demonstrate that dross loss will not increase significantly for 1+ alloy

  • Quantify the furnace thermal efficiency and emission performance

  • Demonstrate that with proper degassing and filtration, H2-based melting does not lead to increased hydrogen and inclusion content in final products.