Vetrobalsamo is a glass manufacturer based in Sesto San Giovanni, Italy, with approximately 230 employees. The company’s focus is on producing glass packaging containers for the national and European wine, beer, oil, and other beverage markets. With an annual production range of 60,000 to 110,000,000 of glass containers per year.

Vetrobalsamo aims to achieve several objectives within the H2GLASS project:

  • Replace 15% to 20% of natural gas consumption in its oxyfuel furnace with hydrogen

  • Reduce approximately 15% of GHG from the furnace’s total emissions

  • Enhance the management and control of the new combustion method by conducting test on hydrogen, addressing critical issues and ensuring the effective implementation of safety measures

  • Evaluate the impact of hydrogen combustion on glass quality by assessing how its use affects the overall quality of the produced glass